7 ways to avoid dark spots on the skin known as “age spots”

by Samantha on Wednesday

7 ways to avoid dark spots on the skin known as “age spots”
The article by Jeremy O’Connell

Beauty is a serious topic for many people today as dark spots on the skin is really a terrible sight. Since many mistakenly associate them with the “age”, our main goal is to get rid of the “age spots”, mistakenly believing that only the number of years we have lived is the reason they have. But it is not, and that understanding is important to know if we are to avoid a dark patch of skin to be present in the first place.

There are actually brown “sun” and the spots are caused by persistent and excessive exposure to the sun on your skin. Too much sun will brown spots over time, but the permanent exhibition – not just live on this planet, a few decades that causes dark spots on the delicate skin. As evidence, I understand that there are fanatics Sun 20-30 years, who are sad “owners” of brown skin spots.


Then too, the aging of the skin has less regenerative capacity of the abuse of any kind, so our skin more vulnerable to sun damage.


Now that we understand the “why” of our business despised, know how not to produce more, (if we have any) and how to ensure that we have more small unpleasantness. The famous “beautiful South” was a … liked to stay out of sun to your skin is not browned and the elderly. We can be absolutely certain that there were stains on his later years.


Prevention of dark skin spots


# 1. Stay away from the sun! Regrettable as it may seem, however, the spots on the skin are caused by ultraviolet rays from the sun, so if you do not always get first place, it will have to investigate how to fade sunspots than 20 years (or two) from now – cuz you have no

# 2!. If you are a genuine and absolutely loving Sun refuse to avoid UV rays, at least think about restricting their hours. Because if you really want to skin sunspots, then spend time outdoors during peak hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the spring, summer and autumn winter 10:00 am – 02 : 00 pm

# 3. Whenever you are attending a barbecue, bathroom parties or fun way out, spend some time in a shady area. An umbrella, a pergola or a tree is a wonderful substitute for full sun and only treatment can prevent skin spots in the future.

# 4. For the best protection from the sun, choose clothes colored fabric that is a lot closer – even if temperatures are high, more and more. The light color reflects the sun’s rays rather than absorb and tightly woven fabric keeps the sun’s dangerous UV rays, in contrast to the lack of clothing fabric.


# 5. If you do so at the sun, even just to mow the lawn, rather than bake in the sweltering sun tanning, use sunscreen of high quality. Frankly, this is a toughie because I’ve never found a sunscreen, because really, as almost all are full of hazardous chemicals. “Abrasive” our skin is a terrible idea that short-term results of the chemicals are probably a better option


Two additional advantages of sun protection is to prevent sunspots in your body. – And keep those who have already become dark. Just remember to reapply sunscreen sporadically by sweat or water to wash skin protection.

An SPF [sun protection factor] of 15 must be comprehensive, if outdoor exposure will be fairly short.


longer exposure – pool, tennis court – you need at least 30 SPF security


It is important to apply sunscreen half an hour before going out


# 6. Wear a hat. I recently realized that my baseball cap is a pretty terrible option. Choose a hat with at least four inches above.

If the hat is of straw, or a large web of the plot, then we know that can burn, despite their good intentions. If you are serious about securing best hat, then buy a hat with a coating of material resistant to sun, and also provides a wide brim.


# 7. It is important to remember your lips are very vulnerable to staining the skin darker. Yuck! Lipstick is the minimum protection, but unless the brand has a high SPF – and do something – not really much protection. And then, when they are often out of work, play and sweat and then vanishes leaving lipstick on our “nude lips. Some lip balm is helpful, but remember that this vulnerable area, when in the sun .


Now that we are able to understand the cause of the terrible dark stain, it is difficult to avoid looking “stained” as age, because the remedy is simple: if you do not want dark spots on the skin, avoid “Exposure to sun as much as possible.



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