A Rosacea Diet Can Make A Huge Difference

by Samantha on Saturday

While no cure exists for rosacea, consuming the right diet will go along way towards preventing flare-ups. If you suffer from rosacea, then you have probably noticed that eating certain foods has triggered symptoms. These foods cause increased blood flow to the face, which results in redness. Hot drinks, alcohol, coffee, spicy foods, among others are just a few well-known triggers for rosacea.

Spicy foods including peppers, spices, and hot sauces are strongly connected to rosacea. Almost 2/3 of rosacea patients who were affected by spicy foods claimed that peppers were triggered their condition. The foods don’t have to be on the extreme end of spicy however in order to cause flare-ups. In a study, almost 1/2 claimed that Cajun style foods and hot sausage triggered the condition as well.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have some spice in your diet. You just have to find the ones that don’t aggravate your condition. This may take some trial and error, but as you can see not everyone is impacted by spices the same way. Use a journal to track the foods that give you problems and the ones that don’t.

Alcohol is on the list of beverages to avoid for rosacea sufferers. The reason is because it causes dehydration, and therefore leads to flushing. It contains a large amount of calories that get broken down by the metabolism very quickly. This leads to dilated blood vessels in the face. If you do decide to drink alcohol, choose the drinks that are low in calories. Since beer is loaded with carbs, its best to avoid it altogether.

A combination of proteins has shown to be a possible cause for rosacea. When two inflammatory proteins in particular are in excess, it causes a third protein to raise to high levels, which causes symptoms. What this suggests is that the less protein you have in your diet, the better. Some have even recommended vegan diets for rosacea patients. With that said, we all need protein in order to be healthy. Lean meats are your best bet, as they are lower in fat.

Drinking water is one of the most underrated elements of being healthy. Between 8-12 glasses of water per day should be consumed. Doing so will keep you hydrated consistently, which you will find reduces your appetite. It also improves the health of your skin and reduces that bacteria in your body that causes flare-ups.

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