Cosmeceuticals – 3 Things You Should Know Relating to Skin Aging

by Samantha on Sunday

As obvious as it may sound, even though the term ‘cosmeceuticals’ is a combination of the two words cosmetic and pharmaceuticals, associating it with synthetic chemicals and drugs is a mistake. On the contrary, most manufacturers develop their products using natural ingredients, botanicals and other bio-available nutrients. Currently, the United States has the largest market share and the Europeans are not far behind. Since anti-aging accounts for a large part of the skin care industry, it is no surprise to see that cosmeceutical sectors benefit in this area too. Despite the economy downfall in late 2008, the skin care industry displayed no vulnerability in their growth and consumerism was still on the high note. Combined with the aging population, extended life expectancies and the increasingly wealthy Chinese nation, expect to see more innovative products and extensive research in the skin care category, in particular the ‘anti-agers”.

1. Safety

In North America, cosmeceuticals are NOT strictly reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada. However, marketing adverts excessively claiming that their products are “better than Botox” have been given warnings to tone down their campaigns.

Fueled by celebrity mania and reality TV shows, many middle-aged women now feel inclined to go under the knife and receive Botox treatment. Not too many procedures are all that perfect and patients may find themselves looking more unpleasant and undesirable. On the other hand, cosmeceuticals are topical applications that carry minimal risks and in any event an allergic reaction occurs, simply stop using it and companies are more than happy to give you refunds.

2. Price

As with other personal care products such as shampoos, facial cleansers and cosmetics etc., the cost of cosmeceuticals rarely exceeds US$100. The average cost of Botox treatments amounts to $400 each time and it may take up to five sessions. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a face lift surgery can come up to US$5,000. In addition to the above-mentioned safety issues, you should give yourself time to consider whether to undergo surgical alteration.

3. Effectiveness

Think twice before you buy a jar of cream for aging remedies that says “Miracle Cream!” The truth is that there are simply no magical potions nor shortcuts that fight against aging. Nonetheless, preventive measures can be taken and it takes a whole lot of discipline to protect your skin. Instead, treat the products as if they are supplements to your skin, not solutions. Most cosmeceuticals contain natural anti-aging ingredients that has anti-oxidant properties. R+Lipoic Acid, Co-Q10, Vitamin C and other derivatives are the common names that you will see in the market. They work to rid of free radicals which is the main culprit of skin aging. By facilitating the growth of collagen, providing ample moisture and transporting key nutrients deep into the skin, cosmeceuticals has proven to reduce the rate of skin aging.

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