Everything You Need To Know About Warts

by Samantha on Wednesday

Are you noticing a small hard and rough lump on your skin? If yes, then be aware it is a skin disease known as a wart. A virus termed Human Papillomavirus more commonly called HPV is responsible for causing warts. When the virus enters the body it may result in the appearance of warts on any part of the body. Studies have shown that the hands and fingers are the most common places where warts form.

There are a number of ways in which warts can be treated and among them electrocautery and cryotherapy are the most popular ones. Older methods of wart removal worked to burn them off while the more recent methods involves freezing the wart to getting rid of it. Cryotheraphy makes use of chemicals in freezing of warts, usually that of liquid nitrogen. The next treatment route is the surgical method which involves the numbing of the affected area and then finally treating it for warts.

If you are still not satisfied with the previous methods, then you can try the laser method but be aware there are certain flaws in this method. The laser method and surgeries are not 100% sure shot treatments for warts and they may reappear even after the treatment.

The problem of warts may not always so bad or severe, if you are lucky enough they may disappear without giving you much botheration. At times just the simple home remedies can help you in getting away with warts. For instance consuming Vitamin A can also prove to be of great help to your problem. Major sources of Vitamin A are vitamin capsules and fish oil. Now all you need to do is to pour that vitamin from the capsule on the wart. Repeat the process continuously for tenure of four months and you will forget the problem of warts.

Next you can apply a mixture of Vitamin C and water, on the affected area and then cover it with bandage. Repeat the process twice a day for 2-3 months and slowly the problem of warts will bid you farewell.

Castor oil has also been in practice for number of years in the treatment of warts while tape and OTC medications have also been a popular treatment for warts sufferers. OTC medication utilises gel, pad, liquid and ointment for treating warts.

These easy to work out solutions are free from side effects and promises 80% accuracy which is quite higher than the those stringent procedures like electrocautery and cryotherapy.

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