External Factors That Dry Out the Skin

by Samantha on Friday

Dry skin is very common and is usually caused by external factors. These factors can include the weather, the environment, our clothing and the products that we use on our skin. One of the most common causes of dry skin is from the soap. The soap that you use can quickly strip away your skin’s protective oils.

The skin doesn’t become very dirty during the day when you’re working or going to school. Many people tend to scrub their skin harshly during showers because they often feel that the skin is very dirty. The only parts of the body that need cleansing with soap or cleanser are the face, hands, feet, groin and underarms. The other parts of the body can be cleansed with plain water. Washing the hands frequently can be a good thing when it comes to preventing sickness but can sometimes lead to drying. Too much hand washing can dry out the skin and cause it to crack, irritated and can eventually break making it prone to infection.

The right soap is essential in caring for the skin. Choosing the right soap should be one of our priorities when doing grocery shopping. Many people choose the wrong soaps because they smell good, or are either too cheap or too expensive. Some people even go for harsh soaps such as those that have harsh scents or antibacterial soaps because they generate lots of lather and give us a feeling of being squeaky clean. However too much bubbling removes the oils from the surface of the skin and makes it dry. Be sure to use the best moisturiser after cleansing to keep our skin moist and healthy.

In caring for your skin, it’s better to choose a mild soap that is hypoallergenic or fragrance-free. People with dry skin can use a mild skin cleanser rather than soap. Never use harsh products or materials to wash your face and body. Do not use sponges or brushes too much because they can irritate the skin’s surface. Too much scrubbing can also strip away the skin’s natural oils. Using the best moisturiser is also a way to prevent the skin from drying.

The clothes you wear can also be a cause of dry skin. Many people still wear clothes that are in fashion but are itchy and uncomfortable. No matter how good you look in a sweater, if it makes you uncomfortable then better not wear it. Do not buy clothes that are itchy when you try it on, because it will not get any less itchy no matter how many times you wash it. Dry skin becomes even more sensitive to contact irritants. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that fit fine and are not irritating to the skin.

It’s not only what you put on your skin that harms it but also other factors like the weather and clothing affects the skin.

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