How to Manage Stretch Marks on Breasts

by Samantha on Friday

Stretch marks on breasts normally occur during pregnancy but may also stem from excessive general weight gain and much less frequently due to rapid breast development in adolescent girls.

During pregnancy and especially during the last trimester, the breasts of the average woman will increase in size by up to 60% over a short space of time. The impact of this rapid stretching of the skin is compounded by changes to the dermis (middle layer of your skin) as a result of hormones produced by the body during this time. A side effect of increased levels of certain hormones is to reduce the natural elasticity of the dermis which increases the likelihood of stretch marks on breasts as they enlarge.

If you already have marks due to previous pregnancies they will fade over time and regular gentle massage with a decent cream (IF YOU ARE BREAST FEEDING MAKE SURE THE CREAM YOU USE IS SAFE) will help to reduce their visibility. Firming up your breasts with regular targeted exercise and managing your post delivery weight will reduce the impact of stretch marks on breasts.

The best way to limit these marks is to have a therapy plan for when you fall pregnant. Manage your weight pro actively in consultation with your doctor and maintain a safe exercise program throughout your pregnancy. Make sure that you regularly massage likely areas (at least twice a day) with an effective cream or lotion to keep skin moisturized and replace natural elasticity which is compromised by the hormonal changes already mentioned. CONFIRM THAT THE CREAM / LOTION YOU USE IS SAFE FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY. Starting a regime as outlined above together with a balanced diet and adequate hydration should reduce the appearance of stretch marks on breasts markedly.

If you have developed these marks on your breasts as a result of non pregnancy related excessive weight gain then you need to try to get your weight back under control. Do this with a positive frame of mind and start to exercise moderately but regularly. BEFORE EMBARKING ON YOUR PLAN PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR. Positive lifestyle changes to your diet and hydration will also be necessary. The final part of the therapy will involve regular massage with an effective topical treatment to improve blood flow to the affected areas. As you lose weight, firm up, improve your diet and hydration and regularly apply cream you will begin to notice a reduction in the visibility of stretch marks on breasts.

If the marks formed at a young age due to rapid breast development they can be managed as outlined above. In many cases, rapid development is a hereditary and therefore predictable thing so advise your young girl children to start a preventative therapy in time. This will probably not prevent stretch marks on breasts but it will almost certainly reduce the severity of their appearance.

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