How To Remove Skin Tags And Why

by Samantha on Wednesday

Trying to decide on how to remove skin tags can be a confusing issue. A person needs to know what causes them and their nature. There are many reasons for wanting them removed. And there are many ways in which to accomplish this.

These little bumps are simply benign growths often caused by skin rubbing on skin. This explains why so many are on the exposed areas of the neck, armpits, arms and legs. People want to get rid of them for a variety of reasons. The unsightly appearance is one reason, especially in a highly visible area of the body. There is also the safety factor. People worry that these could become torn and thus bleed. They worry that accidentally irritating these bumps could cause an infection.

Among the wide range of possible removal methods is surgery. Natural methods are also available. Freezing, burning or drying the bumps are other choices. Drying causes them to fall off after flaking over the growth. For those who are courageous and nimble of finger, another option is home surgery. There is no shortage of options.

Surgical removal is safe because of the sterile surroundings and skills of the doctor. However, there is always the drawback and strong possibility of scarring. There is always some time involved in healing no matter how minor the surgical procedure. Some patients might have some minor pain during the process. There is also the financial cost of the procedure and the trip to the office.

Of the other choices, freezing or burning can also be done in a doctor’s office. Similar to surgery, there could be minimal scarring. Minor as this seems to someone not afflicted, to anyone trying to get rid of these tags, the unsightly appearance of a scar is as much as concern as the existing problem.

Victims who are strong-willed, not queasy, and nimble fingered might choose to cut these off at home. Using scissors, however, could risk infection in a non-sterile arena. The other oft-suggested method is string-cutting. A piece of string or dental floss is tied around the growth between the tag and the surface, and pulled tightly to tear it away. This requires agility and nimble, cooperating fingers. Again, scarring could result.

Homeopathic remedy choices are another option. These are dabbed or gently applied directly onto the affected area. Some can be prepared at home while others can be purchased already prepared for use. Nothing beats a natural remedy if one is available. Because of the assortment to choose from, trying each one could take quite a while. Some have high marks for effectiveness through the years. Herbs, botanical balms and oils are all among the remedies existing for selection. Their focus is on drying the growth so that it simply dies and falls off. Scarring is rare. Time has proven some of these to be highly reliable.

Safely removing a skin tag requires some thought and a lot of choices. Most victims prefer as little discomfort as possible. However, the option of choosing a natural method deserves some consideration.

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