Natural remedies to cure Leucoderma

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Natural remedies to cure Leucoderma
The term

Leucoderma also known as vitiligo is used to indicate a disorder of the skin. In this disease are white patches on the skin due to the gradual loss of melanin, the pigment layer of the skin.

People who suffer from

leucoderma are in an embarrassing situation due to the presence of these patches, and often suffer from psychological stress.

Leucoderma can occur at any age and is more common in women than in men. The areas most commonly affected by this disease include the neck, hands, back, and life.

The symptom is the appearance of the preliminary leucoderma a white patch, then develops into patches. These spots are at first, but as time passes they become white due to loss of melanin. These spots gradually coalesce to form a broad patch. Much of the skin is covered with white spots in most cases.

The main cause of Leucoderma is a presence of acute or chronic gastric disease, excessive mental stress, liver failure, such as jaundice, worms or parasites in the digestive tract, disorders affecting the gastrointestinal tract such as typhoid fever , burns, defective perspiration mechanism. The glands that secrete hormones are involved in this pathology, in most cases. Heredity is also considered a major contributing factor to the development of this disease.

nature to cure Leucoderma

: Leucoderma Treatment should first start by placing the patient in a juice fast for about seven days. During this period must take fruits or vegetables, mixed with water in a ratio of an interval of three hours during the day. A warm water enema should be administered daily during this time to cleanse the bowels.

The patient can go to a restricted diet after juice fasting. In this regimen the patient must take raw or steamed vegetables, bread or rolls and fresh fruit. Dairy products can be added to this diet after a few days.

The patient may gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet of vegetables, nuts, seeds, cereals and fruit. Raw foods should be an important part of the diet. Sprouted seeds and grains such as alfalfa and soybeans should also be consumed by the patient. This diet can be supplemented with vegetable oils, honey, yeast and cold pressing. To achieve effective results, this juice fast should be repeated at an interval of two months.

foods such as tea, coffee, white sugar, white flour products condiments, dishes, preserves, jam, pearl barley, and pickles should be completely avoided by patients suffering from leucoderma.

home remedies

Some have also been found to be useful in the treatment of Leucoderma. This resource is the use of radish. About 30gms of radish seeds should be powdered in vinegar and applied to the white patches. To achieve effective results, seeds should be finely ground, mixed with “a bit of arsenic and soaked in vinegar overnight. When the leaves appear after two hours should be rubbed the Leucoderma patches.

Other effective remedy for Leucoderma is the use of turmeric and mustard oil. About 400gms of turmeric should be pounded and soaked in seven pounds of water overnight. only to be heated in the morning until one kg remaining water. After all the effort that must be mixed with 400gms of mustard oil. This mixture should be heated until the oil is left alone. should be applied in white patches twice a day for a few months.

red clay hills and slopes found by the side of the river has also been found to be a home remedy for Leucoderma. After ginger juice mixed with the mud should be applied to white spots once a day. Because of the copper content in clay helps restore skin pigmentation and ginger juice serves as a milk stimulant, facilitating greater flow of blood stains. Drinking water kept overnight in a copper container is also useful.

Leucoderma therefore can be effectively treated with the use of various natural treatments that cleanse the system of accumulated toxic waste and restoring health to normal.

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