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Bennett Allen is the president of Sun Sport Company LLC, an online retailer that specializes in sun protective clothing. Sun Sport offers a great selection …

Cocoa Beach, FL based Sun Bum launched an impressive line of sunscreen products last summer. They have created quite a buzz in a highly competitive market were many of the major players are large corporations with deep pockets and marketing budgets to match. Sun Bum has used its unique product packaging, catchy slogans, word of mouth, and support of small boutique retail shops to grow their business over the past year. It is refreshing to see a start-up company come into the market and be able to contend with firmly established companies.

Sun Bum sunscreens are made using high quality ingredients to provide users with quality protection. Their products are ultra-waterproof and ultra-sweatproof to help reduce the amount of times the products need to be re-applied. This also helps to reduce any stinging if sunscreen runs into the wearer’s eyes. Their products are hypoallergenic to help reduce any side effects for those with allergy problems. The sunscreens are also vitamin E enriched to help keep your skin healthy and smooth.

Sunscreens made by SB are tested, approved, and recommended by the The Skin Cancer Foundation. SCF is the most trusted source when it comes to sun protection products. Their seal of approval means that Sun Bum’s products have been tested and passed the SFC’s very stringent standards for rating sunscreen products. Having this seal from The Skin Cancer Foundation is a big win for SB and will really help to establish them as a player in the world of sun protective products.

One of the things I find most exciting and interesting about Sun Bum is their commitment to making sunscreens cool to teens and young adults. More and more young people are being diagnosed with skin cancer each year and it is nice to see companies targeting these demographics to raise awareness. With marketing slogans like “protect your lazy ass” and “make love in the sun” they is trying to reach kids and young adults that may not be aware of the harmful side effects of over exposure to the sun. They are also sponsoring events such as surf competitions where a majority of the crowds are younger and often times aren’t using sunscreen at all. Spreading the message of sun protection is extremely important and it is great to see a company like Sun Bum doing their part.

I’ve been using Sun Bum products since they launched last summer and I have been very please. It goes on smooth and is the best smelling sunscreen in stores. Every time I put it the smell makes me feel like I’m on vacation sitting on the beach. Keep an eye out for their sunscreens, if they haven’t made it to a store near you they will soon. Enjoy!

Bennett Allen is the president of Sun Sport, an online apparel retailer specializing in sun protective clothing, golf shirts, rash guards, surf clothing, beach clothing, Sun Bum products, and outdoor apparel. Sun Sport has a great selection of O’Neill rash tees, products from Xcel Wetsuits, Marmot sun protective clothing, and Sun Bum Sunscreens. Allen is involved in skin cancer research and has written many articles offering advice on skin cancer prevention. Many of his writings focus on methods used to limit your exposure to the sun by recommending sun protective clothing and sunscreen products.

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