Tips for baby’s skin

by Samantha on Saturday

Tips for baby’s skin

baby’s skin is very delicate and requires care. The outer layer (dermis) has not been fully developed with an elastic. Baby’s skin is fragile, so vulnerable to damage and very sensitive baby skin consists tatto.La thin layers. Able to absorb what is applied to the surface. Therefore, be careful and free from harmful substances such as lotions strong. children, especially in cold air to keep skin stay soft and supple.

From the production of melanin (pigment protection) in children of low birth, exposure to sunlight should be avoided, except perhaps a few minutes in the morning to absorb vitamin D from sunlight. Too much sun burns the skin and make children need special care of your skin vesciche.I diapers frequently changing diapers constantly cleaning and housekeeping, as well as around the mouth and nose. If these areas are not managed carefully, the chances of infection and damage to the skin increases as significativo.Evitare irritating soaps and detergents. Always use special materials for soap and shamponya baby during bath time. Also be sure to use creams and lotions are safe to usare.Quando the child sleeps in a place, wipe dry regions of dust or powder is dispersed with a very soft fabric baby because it helps reduce friction between the skin and clothing, and protection from interference from foreign elements through the skin of the media. Use talcum powder every time you feel that the skin becomes moist, especially in the vicinity of the diaper. You can avoid excess moisture, using a special cream and lotion corpo.Provare clothing baby loose. For example, during sleep at night, use a thin cloth of flannel suit or jacket. Select diapers and clothes she wears soft cotton is soft to the touch. Loose clothing allows air circulation and keep your baby dry and comfortable, away from moisture eccessiva.Dopo child grows, it is easier to deal with skin care because their immune system high, but still use cold cream. Very sweet foods and fatty acids will only cause digestive disorders and lentiggini.Se your child likes sweet, give it a homemade product. You can substitute honey for sugar, honey is not only nutritious but also good for the skin. Time to introduce your child fruit juice instead of instant beverage bottles or other materials

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