Understanding Your Dry Skin

by Samantha on Friday

How you look can affect how you feel on the inside. If you have a healthy outlook in life, then you feel good and this positive energy can be reflected on the outside as well. When we age, our bodies experience changes in functioning and also more evident on the skin. The skin changes in color, texture and hydration. As we grow old, the outer layer of the skin will lose its ability to regenerate quickly which makes our skin look dry, blotchy, and dull. Aging combined with the effects of long term sun exposure can cause wrinkles and make us at risk for skin cancer.

Our skin is one vital organs of the body. It is the body’s primary defense against infection. Having healthy skin is necessary for a healthy body. If the skin becomes dry and cracked, this becomes an entry point for harmful microorganisms to enter the body and cause illnesses. If you have irritated skin, you can become sickly and this can also affect how you feel every day.

It is best if you know the cause of your skin. There are lots of reasons for dry skin and knowing each one can save you time, money and effort in solving your skin problems. Many people have dry skin because of the products that they use. Some take long hot showers, use harsh soaps, wear itchy clothing and misuse skin care products. Some medications and medical conditions like diabetes, malnutrition and hypothyroidism can also cause dry skin.

The most common cause of the dry skin is the weather. When the air is dry during winter, it draws moister right out of the skin making in less supple. Using the best moisturiser is the finest way to care for your dry skin. Wear appropriate clothing during winter. You can bundle up with hats, scarves and gloves when you’re outdoors. Cold air can get under your clothes and can dry up your skin on the leg area. You can use the best facial moisturizer for the face and a dry skin lotion for the other parts of the body.

Prolonged exposure to water can also cause dry skin. Taking long hot showers can strip off the natural oils that protect your skin. Spending too much time on the shower can make your skin feels tight. Try to limit the time you spend on hot baths and be sure to use the best moisturiser after. Pat the skin with a towel and use the dry skin lotion to retain as much moisture as possible.

If your dry skin problem is making you crazy, better talk to your doctor now. He or she can help you recognize your skin problem and can recommend the best treatment for your skin.

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