Warning – Can Sunscreen Kill You?

by Samantha on Wednesday

So what is the big deal about chemical sunscreens? We have been using them for years, they are recommended by doctors and dermatologists as a safe way to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays, so why are we now hearing so much about how bad they are?

First of all, what is a chemical sunscreen? This type of sunscreen contains ingredients that serve as filters in an effort to reduce ultraviolet radiation that penetrates the skin. The ingredients are intended to absorb UVA and UVB rays from the sun. But many do not do this because the chemicals themselves can break down and become ineffective.

Also, sunscreens with chemical ingredients contain numerous ingredients that are dangerous to the human body. For instance, chemicals in sunscreen can produce gender bending effects and they can upset hormonal balance. Some of the chemicals can also break down into free radicals, which can contribute to premature aging and skin cancer. That’s right! The ingredients in these sunscreens can in fact be a cause of skin cancer development! Not only that, these ingredients can cause other forms of cancer as well. And the combination of ingredients can cause the sunscreen to break down and quickly become ineffective.

So if these ingredients can hurt, or even kill you, why do doctors and dermatologists still recommend using these chemical sunscreens? One reason is because sunscreen manufacturers pay monies to medical associations to promote their products. Another is ignorance. This is not the first time that the medical community has been wrong about a health issue.

For instance, at one time doctors advised that a diet high in omega-6 polyunsaturated fats and partially hydrogenated fatty acids would help reduce heart disease. But then long-term studies found that these diets increased the overall death rate (along with the cancer rate). Go back even further to the 1920s when doctors actually endorsed smoking cigarettes as a healthy activity. Promotion of cigarette smoking by physicians continued into the 1940s and 1950s. But it is now known that cigarette smoking causes numerous health issues.

Evidence is showing that using chemical sunscreens can actually increase the risk of skin cancer. In countries where these sunscreens are pushed, skin cancer is on the rise (for example, see Garland, Cedric F., et al for studies in Queensland, Australia where the medical establishment strongly promotes the use of chemical sunscreens). Using chemical sunscreens can also keep the body from absorbing Vitamin D, which is crucial for the health of our bodies (evidence shows that Vitamin D may also help in the prevention of skin cancer).

Take the time to educate yourself on chemical sunscreens. With such potential harm in using chemical sunscreens, why would a person choose to use them anymore? At one time, we did not know about these harmful ingredients, but we know differently now. There are safe alternatives to chemical sunscreens in the form of organic sunscreens. You owe it to yourself to protect you and your family.

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