Warning – Sunscreen and Cancer

by Samantha on Friday

Why is there suddenly a fuss about chemical sunscreens? Sunscreen has been around for years, it is recommended by dermatologists and doctors as a safe way to protect ourselves from the sun’s harmful rays, so why are people worrying about sunscreen and cancer?

Chemical Sunscreens Are Not Safe

If you’ve been buying sunscreens with chemical ingredients, then your sunscreen is putting you at risk for cancer. Study after study is showing just how dangerous many of the ingredients in sunscreens are. Chemicals in sunscreen can produce gender bending effects, and they can also upset hormonal balance. Furthermore, the ingredients can break down into free radicals, which can contribute to premature aging and malignant melanoma. That is a shocking statement, but true. Sunscreen can in fact be a cause of skin cancer development!

Why Is This?

Chemical sunscreens contain ingredients that are used to absorb the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. These ingredients are essentially filters that help reduce the ultraviolet radiation that infiltrates the skin. But these chemicals ingredients can break down and thus become ineffective. This means the sunscreen does not sufficiently protect the skin from sun damage. A study by the Environmental Working Group tested numerous sunscreens and found that many of the sunscreens contain Vitamin A (an antioxidant), added to sunscreens because it helps slow skin aging. However, research indicates that Vitamin A can possibly spread skin cancers. This is because Vitamin A has phototoxicity elements, which can increase a malignant cell’s development.

There are numerous other sunscreen ingredients that can cause the development of other forms of cancer. Some ingredients can also cause damage to protein, fat and DNA cells, and the damage to these cells can produce malignant melanoma.

Skin Cancer Is Higher Where Sunscreen Is Used

Studies are also showing that in countries where chemical sunscreens are pushed by doctors and dermatologists, skin cancer is on the rise (for example, see the study in Australia by Cedric F., et al where the use of chemical sunscreens is heavily promoted by the medical establishment). Using chemical sunscreens can also prevent the body from absorbing Vitamin D, which is a crucial nutrient for the health of our bodies (evidence shows that Vitamin D may even help in the prevention of skin cancer).

Take the time to educate yourself on sunscreen and cancer. With such potential harm in using them, why would a person choose to use them? At one time, we did not know about these harmful ingredients, but we have evidence now that we should not be using them. There are safe alternatives to chemical sunscreens in the form of organic sunscreens. You owe it to yourself to protect you and your family.

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