What Are The Factors That Contribute To Beautiful Skin?

by Samantha on Monday

Celebrities beautiful skin attracts your attention and admiration and sets your eyes on your television screens. Everyone would always love to have a beautiful skin. But the question is how to have and maintain such? It requires both your internal and external care. Thus, the food you eat, the amount of water you drink, the number of hours you get to sleep, the skin care products you use such as creams, sprays, and cosmetics are among those that affects your skin. Find out why these factors affect your skin.

Food: eating your way to a beautiful skin must consist of foods that are rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin c, Selenium, and Omega-3 Fatty acids. Among the foods that are rich in Vitamin E are Tomato, sweet potato, olives, broccoli, spinach papaya and avocado. Vitamin C rich foods are strawberries, blueberries, mangos, snow peas, and watermelon. Among the foods that are rich in Selenium are Tuna, mushrooms, oysters, shrimp crabs, oysters and Brazil nuts. Sardines, Salmon, Mackerels, soybeans and walnuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids.

Water: Drinking plenty of water helps in digestion absorption and excretion of toxins from the body which lessens acne break out. Water distributes nutrients to the cells of the body and keeps them hydrated to enable to function properly.

Sleep: 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day gives the body a time to rest and allows skin to rejuvenate. This helps in giving the skin a healthy glow and avoids premature skin aging.

Skin care Products: Skin care products and cosmetics make the skin look more beautiful only if applied with the right type of skin. To avoid allergies and irritation, it should always vary with the type of skin you have. Dry skin needs moisturizers and oily skin doesn’t. You should always be gentle in dealing with your skin-in the face especially. You are prone to skin damage when you are exposed to the sun. That is why it is always necessary to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the Ultra violet ray. The higher the sun protector factor, the higher protection your skin gets against the Ultra violet ray that burns the skin.

Patience is required to have a beautiful skin. Taking note of the factors mentioned above sets you to a beautiful skin. But always remember that it needs gentle care and consistency to maintain its beauty. A well maintained beautiful skin would always result in a positive outlook and keeps you confident.

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