What Are Warts and How You Get Rid of Them

by Samantha on Saturday

Warts are simply skin growth causing viruses that belongs to the category of human viruses called HPVs or in broader terms human papilloma virus. The viral infection is usually common on the superficial layer of the skin but more importantly it should be said that it can affect any part of the body. There are numerous types of warts that reach up to 100 different types, with each specifically infecting a specific area. The most basic type of warts is found to infect the skin on the fingers but feet related warts are very common. The infection is contagious and can be spread from one person to another through contact.

Although there are many ways of treating the infection, the best cure is prevention first. Warts are spread through open contact with infected persons and therefore it should be the sole responsibility of a person to approach infected persons with extreme caution.

In many instances the warts infection tend to disappear systematically after a while without application of any treatment. Putting this in mind, there are also conventional methods of getting rid of warts which entirely depend on the location of the infection itself. One of the simplest and home based methods that one can use in the treatment include applying baby jelly on the infected area and then pouring on the area small amounts of ACV (apple cider vinegar) which should then be followed by wrapping a small sized cotton wool soaked in ACV on the area using a water proof medical tape. Another popular method involves applying to the infected area creams and jellies that contain salicylic acid. The use of this creams should be restricted to skin that is around areas that are not sensitive such as the eyes since salicylic acid is very irritating. Another method commonly used by medical practitioners is cyrotherapy which involves the application of a an extremely cold liquid that normally contains nitrogen that indeed freezes the cells of the infected area to allow for less painful rubbing to remove the skin growth. Wrapping up the wart with a duct tape is also a viable way that can effectively deal with the infection.

Treatment of warts, as we have seen, is hectic and expensive. It is therefore advisable to be well aware of the many ways that can help us from getting infected. Skin infections can be easily prevented by simply observing up to par body hygiene and cleanliness.

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