What Exactly Is Healthy Skin?

by Samantha on Tuesday

Look at the next person you see and you’ll probably be able to tell whether he or she has healthy skin. Those with healthy skin will have a smooth yet not too dry or too oily complexion. Skin like this appears youthful and radiant. Healthy skin is easy to have. You just need to eat right and care for your skin with the right products. Skin has many functions including protecting us from outside pathogens and harmful UV rays.

To keep healthy skin looking good, all you need to do is follow some simple advice.

1) Choosing the correct food to promote healthy skin

There is nothing higher on the list than this. Fruits and vegetables as part of a well balanced diet can’t be beat. For protein without a lot of unwanted fat, stick with poultry and fish. If you prefer red meat then stick with lean cuts. Vegetables and nuts are also a good source of protein and will also provide your skin with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Avoid sugars and try to get plenty of vitamins A and C as well as others in your diet.

2) Organic skin therapy

Healthy skin can also be had with regular exercise. Puffy looking skin, acne, bloating and even cellulite are problems of inactivity. Just like other parts of your body, your skin needs good circulation too. Do anything to increase blood flow like walking or stretching. Your skin will become even healthier is you exfoliate every day. In doing so your skin will glow and look younger. Bathing actually helps exfoliate skin too.

3) Natural skin care goods

Soap is by all means the most basic of skincare products. Washing should take place extensively and often. You should use soap and water every day. Use soap to help remove dirt from under folds and creases and be sure to dry off completely. Antibacterial soaps are not that good for skin. They tend to reduce the acidity of the skin. This acidity level will aid in protection against outside infections. Moisturizing creams and ointments can be used on dry skin. Most people are effected by dry skin in the winter when humidity levels are lowest. By using moisturizers, the skin will be able to hold water longer thereby making it look and feel younger.

You should also avoid the following. Too much UV and smoking for example are bad for your skin. There are many others but avoiding those main harsh elements and simple caring for your skin should give you the best looking skin you could want for many many years.

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